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⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️

"Backstage with Ali" is a VIP club for folks who want a closer connection with me ~ I'll be sharing new songs before they're released, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, live invite-only online hangouts and ~most importantly ~ Inspiration for you in YOUR creative endeavors​.

We’ll have a live online members-only concert/hang-out every month, where you can request songs and ask me anything you like.

And I’ll also be making behind-the-scenes videos for you, so you can see what REALLY goes on when I’m OFF the stage.

But the part I’m most excited about is that it’s a place where I can inspire YOU and cheer YOU on in whatever you’re up to creatively – whether that’s improving your guitar playing, restoring old cars, or anything you’re working on that just lights you up.

“As always – ever inspired by you! I wouldn’t have even picked up a guitar again after 3 decades if not for you!!” ~ Jim D, California, MO

“I didn’t think that I was going to be able to finish the bike but after I got your email I had to…it got me off my ass and I was not only able to get it finished but also made a couple bucks to boot…I have never been offered that kind of money for one of my bikes ever and I have you to thank!” ~ Stoner B, Haines City, FL

So go ahead and click the link to come join me...
“Backstage with Ali.”

I’ll see ya backstage! 😊

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